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Empowered women

empower women

In 2020, the Experimental Aircraft Association created a society dedicated to increasing the number of women across aviation. We realized that aviation outreach to women has not focused on the reasons why women fly. Seriously! We don’t know many women who came to aviation because they loved calculus…

EAA and the Women Soar Society are taking a different approach to bringing women into aviation. We want you to experience the joy, confidence, strength, community, and adventure that aviation can bring to your life. We believe that not only is learning to fly a transformational experience for women, we believe that women will transform aviation. In all the best ways!

Our goal of creating 100,000 female pilots in 10 years is big, so we’re reaching across the entire aviation community to make this a group effort. To achieve this vision, EAA and the Women Soar Society are leading an informal collaboration across the industry that leverages the best that all of us have to offer.

The Women Soar Society is a group of women who are supporting other women to help them soar in the world of aviation, and beyond.

We work to remove challenges and provide opportunities so that any woman—perhaps someone like you—can achieve her goal of flight.  In addition to 100,000 in 10, we aim to support the following programs:

  • Young Eagles – help our youngest dreamers experience their first flight
  • EAA’s GirlVenture – brings young ladies in grades 9 to 12 together for a week-long aviation immersion camp
  • Scholarship Opportunities
    • Air Academy
    • Sport Pilot Academy
    • Flight training
    • Post-secondary Education
  • EAA’s WomenVenture – Largest gathering of female aviation enthusiasts
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